Do you have any questions regarding the Numark Pharmacy Panel?

We have created a list of frequently asked questions for you.

  1. What is “Numark Pharmacy Panel“?

    Numark Pharmacy Panel is an online panel that can be exclusively used by those who agree to participate and register. By participating, pharmacists can actively contribute their expertise on various topics related to the pharmacy market.

  2. How can I participate?

    Every Numark member has the opportunity to participate in this online panel. Participation requires prior registration. If you are interested in participating, you can contact your area sales representative at any time.

  3. How does the registration work?

    To participate in our panel, you will receive a personal invitation from Numark Pharmacy Panel via email. This email contains a link with which you can create your user account and password. We would like to ask you to fill out the registration form and the profiling questionnaire completely and as accurate as possible, as the information is crucial for your future participation in surveys. Please also provide a valid email address which we can use to invite you to upcoming surveys. Choose your own password and keep it safe in order to be able to carry out changes to your personal panel area afterwards (e.g. updating your email address). Each participant can only register once.

  4. Which personal data do you collect?

    During the registration process, Numark Pharmacy Panel asks for important demographic information (e.g. username, pharmacy size, location and email address). Your participation results are anonymous but the information provided on your profile can help us to better meet your needs as a member.

  5. How does Numark Pharmacy Panel use my data?

    The main purpose of the customer panel is to obtain customer feedback on various topics through surveys. Participation is voluntary at all times. Your personal data is used exclusively for the panel. To log in you must enter your username and password. The data you enter in the surveys is stored anonymously and will only be processed and used in an anonymized form. No information will be stored that could be used to identify participants afterwards, unless you are explicitly asked to do so in the survey. In this case, the provision of personal data is always voluntary.

  6. Do I have to participate in every survey I am invited to?

    No. Participation in the surveys is always voluntary. If you are not interested in a particular survey, or if you just don’t find the time to answer, simply skip it. You can always view the surveys that are still open in your personal panel area in order to answer them later.

  7. How (often) will I be invited to surveys?

    You will be invited by us via email. There is no fixed rhythm according to which survey takes place but you can expect approximately 6 per year. The content of the survey is only intended for you personally and may not be saved or passed on to third parties.

  8. What happens to the information I provide in surveys?

    Your answers are sent anonymously in numerical codes to our survey server. This way, nobody can draw conclusions about you personally. You can find more information about this in our privacy policy. You are also welcome to request an example of how we receive your information after completing a survey and how we evaluate it afterwards.

  9. With whom does Numark Pharmacy Panel share your data?

    No data will be passed on to third parties unless this is required by law or you expressly agree to it.

  10. To what extent can I update, correct or delete the data that can be assigned to me personally in accordance with the guidelines of the Numark Pharmacy Panel?

    Open the section “Update your user account” by clicking on “User profile data” at the top of the navigation bar on our website (you have to be logged in). You can update your personal data (password and email address) at any time. Please note that the information in your profile is absolutely confidential and will only be used to invite you to upcoming interesting surveys.

  11. How can I end my participation?

    You can terminate your participation in the Numark Pharmacy Panel at any time in your personal panel area. To do so, simply log in to your personal profile and click on the corresponding button. After your participation has ended, all of the data you entered during registration and afterwards will be deleted.

  12. What can I do if I have technical difficulties or other queries?

    You can send us an email at contact@numarkpharmacypanel.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.

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